SeriousKit Compact Milker Setup


Our Milking Machines are used by thousands of professionals and private users worldwide. SeriousKit have designed a unique system based around wet milking and pulsating suction. The system is designed with edging and teasing in mind, either alone or during bondage. The current Milker offers strong pulsation and excellent speed control, both fast and slow, resulting in the unique milking feel SeriousKit is famous for.

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Rubber Vacuum Suits

Fine tuned over the past decade, our hermetically sealed rubber suits make full use of the milker’s capacity to evacuate both air and fluids – creating an unbeatable sensation of whole-body wet rubber suction. With the option of E-stim panels and compatible with our full range of SPTs, nipple devices and probes, in the right hands this suit can make your wildest fantasies a reality.

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SeriousKit SPT Selection


The SPT is the ‘business end’ of the milker. We produce a range of SPTs each designed to offer different kinds of sensual stimulation. The use of constrictions, carefully positioned electrodes, our hallmark conductive rubber liners, and our imagination combine to produce a milking experience that must be felt to be believed!


"The SeriousKit team are enthusiasts. To us the dungeon is a stage, a set on which to act out fantasies. We combine precision engineering and state of the art vacuum and electro-stimulation technology to create a product range capable of delivering extraordinary pleasure."


At SeriousKit we make small numbers of specialist products for discerning users worldwide.  We are 21st century artisans, working in aluminium, stainless steel, acrylic and rubber.  Our tools vary from traditional lathes and milling machines to CNC – but it is the thought process that goes into our products that makes SeriousKit different.  On prototyping days the team stops at 10am for coffee – samples that are often still warm from machining or polishing are examined and discussed in detail. New ideas emerge and then its back to the workshop to continue . . . .


At the SeriousKit workshop visitors are welcome – it’s a great way to select gear and also to understand the quality. Clients often describe our workshop as an Aladdin’s cave of kink. We are located in the Cotswolds just 5 minutes drive from Moreton in Marsh railway station. (London Paddington 90 minutes). Email for an appointment.