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Designed for use with the SeriousKit milker - The hermetically sealed rubber suit has a comfortable air tight neck seal, an air tight access zip, foot pods and a choice of  hand pods or wrist seals.  Once in - you are fully sealed.   The stainless steel ports allow air-tight entry of an e-stim cable and three vacuum hoses.  The vacuum hoses have quick connect fittings to plug directly into the SeriousKit milker. An access port is also fitted to allow penis devices such as our SPTs to be used while maintaining an air tight seal.  The suit is supplied with a removable air tight rubber penis bag fitted to the access port.  The penis bag is made from supple moulded latex.

Once connected to the milker, and the valves opened - the milker starts to remove all air from the interior of the suit. The SeriousKit vacuum suit makes full use of the milker’s capability to evacuate both air and fluids allowing a unique sensation of full body wet suction.  Fluids within the suit will be evacuated into the milker.   An optional ‘fluid intercept’ kit can be used when connecting the suit to to the pulsation inlets on the milker - and ‘voila’ - it becomes a pulsating vacuum suit ! 

A Timer Control Box is also available for programmable pulsation cycles.

The Vacuum suits are complex pieces of kit, all made to special order - with a choice of customising options.  The vacuum suit costs £1,550. (Excluding the SeriousKit milker). The hood shown is for illustration only.

Vacuum suit specification & options

Choice of Black or White silicone rubber vacuum hoses with “click fit”

connectors & polished stainless steel ports.

The suit is supplied with three vacuum hoses and one e-stim cable port.  Additional ports / hoses / cables can be fitted for a small additional cost.

Rear zip location - across shoulder using high quality German zips that are completely air tight.

Rubber vacuum suit

Latex vakuum anzug

See also our NEW Electro rubber vacuum suit

If you may use the suit for solo play we recommend a front across chest zip and wrist seals + foot pods.   This allows easy access into the suit and keeps the hands free to use any other equipment.

If the suit will always be used with assistance we recommend hand and feet pods and a rear zip for a greater sense of ‘abandonment’.  The combination of loose fit and hand + feet pods allows people of widely ranging size to fit a single standard size suit.

Neck seals are available in black or orange.  Spare seals are available £25.  The seals fit into a patented thermoplastic neck ring that forms part of the suit.  The seals are highly flexible silicone rubber and are very comfortable to wear.  Neck seals can also be changed if required by the user.

The suit is supplied with one removable rubber penis bag & polished metal mounting ring - these fit into the crotch access port so as to maintain the vacuum within the suit.  The bags are moulded from smooth and supple latex.   Additional bags & mounts are available (£50).

The fluid intercept trap is recommended for using pulsating suction when liquids are present in the suit - as any liquids sucked from within the suit would pass through the pulsator on the milker. The trap collects any fluids / lube and so protects the pulsator.   The “trap” is fitted inline between the suit and the vacuum milking machine.

An intercept trap is not required when the vacuum suit is connected to the constant vacuum inlets on the milker as these are designed for

fluids and air.  The milker collects any liquid removed from the suit.

Fluid intercept trap  £90

Timer Control Box £225 + £20 12v power supply

Our Timer Control Box can be fitted in line to a constant suction inlet and will enable programmable pulsating suction even when the suit is used wet. When using a TCB an intercept trap is not required.

Fluid supply kit for suit   £55

The fluid supply kit enables the suit to be used ‘wet’.  The kit includes a fluid reservoir bag, hose with tap and a push fit connector. The fluid supply can be connected to one of the three vacuum suit hose inlets.  Fluids are drawn through the suit and then eventually out into the milker tank

We can also supply removable rubber penis bags fitted with a hose & connector (£65).  This allows a fluid or lube supply to be directly connected.  Cooled liquid lube feels very good.

Email us for further details info@SeriousKit.com

Vacuum pumps

We recommend the larger pump for use with our vacuum suits.  The larger capacity enables quicker evacuation of the suit - which feels better.

Large pump £ 385

Tight with full suction

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