Nipple suction cups

A range of nipple suction cups, vacuum hoses and harnesses are now available.  The seriousKit milker can accommodate up to 2 pairs of nipple cups and two SPTs - simultaneously !

The SeriousKit nipple cylinders have the same high specification as our SPTs.  Polished stainless steel caps, 5mm thick acrylic cylinders, ‘see through’ silicone rubber liners and ‘click fit’ connectors.  The cylinders have two vacuum inlets - one connects to the interior while the other connects to the void between the rubber liner and the rigid tube.  The result is well defined suction and pulsation.

These authentic dairy cups have been refinished to a bright polish and fitted with black rubber liners complete with cushioned entrance.  All hoses are fitted with ‘click fit’ connectors.  Compatible with the

SeriousKit nipple harness.

Nipple cylinders - Pair £160

          Nipple cylinder harnesses  £55 (excludes cylinders)

available in White or Black

Nipple cylinders can be held in place by suction.  Alternatively an adjustable harness is available with side buckles and a central  ‘bungee cord’ adjustment.  Fits all SeriousKit nipple cylinders / cups.

Polished SS dairy teat cups.   Pair £75

with black commercial liners.

Vacuum hoses for nipple cups - in white silicone rubber - complete with two control valves.  £65

Also available in flexible PVC (Red / clear) £45

The hoses connect nipple cylinders or teat cups to the SeriousKit milker inlets. Hoses have 'click fit' connectors and two control valves to adjust suction.  

Matching twin vacuum supply hoses to connect our SPTs are also available in White silicone rubber at £65

Silicone rubber nipple suction cups.   £135

Complete with - control valve, white silicone rubber hoses & chromed vacuum releases

These high quality silicone suction cups are the perfect partners to our SPTs - providing powerful suction to the same rhythm.

Easy to use, they just plug in to the pulsation inlets on the milkers.  The translucent silicone rubber cups allow the suction to be clearly seen as well as felt.

The design includes a soft tapered edge to the silicone of each cup - enabling an excellent seal.  Harnesses are also available in white or black silicone rubber.

Individual cups are also available for clitoral use.